Gruedorf is Dead, Long Live Gruedorf

posted January 22, 2020 | tagged gruedorf site-meta

Years ago, Gruedorf was a pact between myself and McGrue, a friend/nemesis, to get us both working on our game projects consistently.

Why now?

We did it for years, mostly between 2008 and 2011 or so. As things do, it fell apart from lack of time and interest. Everyone could use a little bit of a push now and then, you know? Shortly after the new year, McGrue re-challenged me – there was a virtual glove slap and everything. So I guess we’ll give it another go.

The Rules

The rules are pretty straightforward, really.

  1. Work on a project for at least an hour (or so).
  2. Write up a blog post (or something) logging the work. If it’s applicable and time permits, include some thoughts about the work, eye candy in the form of screen shots, etc.
  3. Once the blog post is out, you have seven days in which to repeat the first two steps. If seven days pass and you have not posted again, you are now losing. You continue losing until you post again, at which point your seven day timer is reset.

Anyone can join in, if you also need a little bit of a consistent push to get working on that thing you’ve been putting off. As you may have surmised from reading the rules, this is primarily a competition between you and yourself. Unless you are McGrue, in which case this is absolutely a competition between you and me, and you are going down.


Well, this week I set up a blog again. I hate setting up blogs, and pretty much all blog software. While in the future I’d like to dig more into what I’ve been doing each week, re-litigating getting this set up would mostly just be self-indulgent whining, so I’ll let it rest.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably working, though! The worst is behind me.

I’m also working on two(-ish) projects in my spare time. I’ll post more about them next time. They’re both in a bit of a weird state right now: I’ve been working on them for a while but recently have become displeased with one or another of the decisions I’ve made in the past, and have been wrestling with how to get myself productive on them again.