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  • Gruedorf Update, Feb 16 2020 (16 Feb 2020)

    Gruedorf Progress:

    • have the structure of the test point-and-click (mostly) figured out
    • “pencil test” versions of three more rooms drawn but not in-game yet
  • Gruedorf Update, Feb 9 2020 (09 Feb 2020)

    Gruedorf Progress:

    • decided that I needed an actual game to test out my visual novel prototype, came up with an idea for one
    • started to lay out the game with sketchy “pencil” drawings
  • Making it Harder on Myself (02 Feb 2020)

    Gruedorf Progress:

    • cleaned up “room” handling for the visual novel prototype; they’re real scenes that swap around now instead of just background changes
    • you can put NPCs and other clickable entities into rooms
    • a bunch of trial and error on writing cutscenes and making that system more manageable
  • Making Engines (26 Jan 2020)

    Gruedorf progress:

  • Gruedorf is Dead, Long Live Gruedorf (22 Jan 2020)

    Years ago, Gruedorf was a pact between myself and McGrue, a friend/nemesis, to get us both working on our game projects consistently.